Friday, November 2, 2007

We HAVE a house!!!

Well were leasing one... but praise God we have a place to live after we get married which is only in about 28 days! Ele's going to live there for now. We'll come up with better pictures These are our originals from our first walk through. The place is nice, safe, quiet and feels brand new! Ele loves the garage and backyard for barbequing but I love the tub and walk-in closet... priorities people... priorities!

We just found out that it is ours for the next year and we started moving in today. My productive little husband-to-be got busy and got the water, electric and cable all set-up before I even got home from Anthropologie. (I like saying that "Home" :) we have a home to come "home" to )

We were pretty tired after getting some of our things moved in after busy work day for Ele and wedding preparations for me; so once we had unloaded we decided to go out to treat ourselves to dinner. This decision to go out was secondary to the fact that our electricity will not be in effect until Wensday and we only had one flashlight. Otherwise we were considering pizza or something take-out from the Farmer's Market down the street by candlelight on the kitchen floor. Romantic huh? would be if we had candles... no so much though with just a flashlight... not exactly the right ambiance we were going for. We headed out to explore our new town some more.

Well what do you know there is a mall five minutes up the street from our new house! Uh oh trouble Nordstroms is the first store on the left.... :0
We had yummy PF Changs we shared the crab wontons with plum sauce, and then I ordered the Kung Pao Scallops and Ele had the Orange Peel Beef. But as always we just shared everything and it was absolutely delicous.

I really praise God for our safe place to live. I had concerns about securing a place in such a short time after Ele came home from Iraq and when we actually were to get married. I'm so happy God knew that I needed him to come home sooner. Just goes to show you that he knows the desires of our hearts.

FYI Please pray for the rest of Ele's squadron they are coming home this Sunday. Pray for a safe return and travel of these men and women. He was sent home early because of leadership and good behavior to set up the shop and get everything ready for the rest of the guys when they get here. SO GLAD HE'S HOME and that they are beginning to see in him what I see everyday.


rubyellen said...

YAY!!! We missed you guys on here... Ben and I were saying that you guys are like us when it comes to certain things... and well Heather and I have lots in common. The love for all things Anthropologie!!! AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE my fabric. It will be extra special somewhere in our "home" too!!!

John&Lauren Manalili said...

oh... it's so cute!

Gen said...

oooh the tube looks so good after a hard days work. we want to visit...just the three of us. btw where is your lovely home?

Joyce said...

aww congratulations on your new home! so do we hear the pitter patter of lil' eli's and lil' heather's running around??? lol

helen said...

YAY congrats and praise God! the house looks lovely :)