Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Well it has been a long time...
First I gave up at this... so El took over... then he gave up...
So here I am again. It has been a long time since El finished Spring break. What have we done, lots!
1) El's out of the military has 2 1/2 years of inactive reserve duty left which is required of him after being enlisted. But they would only call him back before they initiated a draft so... hopefully that won't happen
2) I quit my job at Hoag after 3 1/2 years working on 5 west and I miss those peeps terribly
3) El and I went on our dream second honeymoon to Italy we had a blast it was beautiful but incredibly hot!!! (pics are on our new facebook account our name is Heather N El Nepomuceno)
4) Jair & Kim got married
5) We said good-bye to our friends and family and MOVED to Prescott, Arizona

We are still getting settled in. It was interesting moving all of our furniture into a three story townhouse in a mile high city as opposed our usual sea level living in Dana Point. We definitely are out of shape and not used to the altitude yet. My parents came and helped with the move in process they were kind enough to leave us with the family beagle Annie to hang out with us for a couple weeks. Were having fun exploring the town and going on little hikes.

El starts school this week on Thursday at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. His bachelor's degree will be in aeronautical science with a concentration in rotor-wing flight. We both are excited and I'm very proud of him. I see his heart in wanting to provide for our family financially, emotionally and most of all spiritually. We have tried two churches and are still praying about where to go. I am patiently :) waiting for my Arizona nursing license to be processed so I can work over here. In the meantime I'm enjoying embracing my creative side... HELLO I am left handed... So I've been sketching, and I have some canvas's, watercolors and acrylics that El bought as a surprise for me. I am putting the easel El made for me on the 3rd floor balcony with my hammock that I got on sale from World Market. It is very peaceful where we live and there is nothing behind us but nature and even some black-eyed susan's which I love to look at in the morning.

More to come later I'll post pictures after I figure out how to get them off my phone since our camera shutter broke in Florence.

We send love to all who read this

El & Heather Nepomuceno aka the Newest Prescottonians

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break is Over.

Heather and I were able to spend some time and relax by visiting Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at Prescott, AZ. Even though we have been accepted to Le Tourneau University in Texas, we decided to check out another option. To be honest, I did not think Prescott would be feasible due to the high cost of the school. I thought this would just be a good opportunity to travel and enjoy time with Heather and also to reinforce my hesitations about Embry-Riddle.

We asked about Prescott and were told that it was a beautiful place. It was located next to a national forest and it is just south of the south rim of Grand Canyon.

Granite Dells is this area of Prescott that is home to hiking, mountain bike riding, kayaking, running, walking...it is just an outdoors person's dream come true!
We were able to see the city and we found cool restaurants in downtown Prescott, a historical site. I of course looked for great restaurants and was fortunate to find many there; it is nice that different types of foods can be found, even BBQ...the beef brisket and peach cobbler...yum...
The great thing is that there are historical and modern locations at Prescott. The city has mixed both very well so it caters to a wide range of people.

We visited the school and we were very impressed with the program.

The biggest thing that I could not get over is the expense that came with Embry-Riddle. However, we talked to the financial aid counselor and she said that the tuition and the flight fees of $45,000 per year was covered under the new GI Bill. This was such a blessing. We were very surprised and God totally blew us away. This is a good school to attend as a pilot. So we applied and hopefully in 2 week Heather and I would find out if we got accepted. If we do get accepted, Heather and I will be making a big decision of where to move. We ask that you would pray that God enables us to align our will with his; that our decision to move would be directed by his word and will. Either way, we had a great time there and we highly suggest that Prescott, AZ be a vacation spot.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break...

Spring Break! I am once again reintroduced to this old familiar concept. It is nice that I do not have class for a week. I can't wait to play golf...

Heather and I were blessed with a guest.

Our guest comes from LA. She came down to work with Heather in the preparation of Francis's baby shower. I am very proud of them both for working so hard. I am very confident that the shower will let Francis know that she is loved.

We took her to breakfast at Laguna Beach's White House. This is what I got...eggs a la reynolds.

This is a Eggs Benedict offshoot. It is an english muffin topped with a 5 oz steak (instead of ham), then topped with a poached egg. The sauce is a cream sauce that had mushrooms and some type of reduction sauce, maybe with wine. It was very good.

As we were ready to leave, we were introduced to Iggy. He was a regular to this store. He had eggs with sausages.
He was enjoying his meal as we all did. After, we walked across the street and strolled down the beach.

I thought this was cool. I never realized that this was at the Laguna Beach. I might have to play here with Heather. The beach is quite relaxing.

We continued to have a great day in preparing for a game. We went to find the prizes and I believe that we were successful.

So we got lots of goodies for one of the games that I think is quite good for a baby shower. Today was a great 1st day of spring break. I praise God for having a loving wife and family and friends. God is good to provide them to me, even the beach, food, and ice cream...Thrifty's ice cream!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Focus, focus, focus...

I have been looking at this picture lately...It is definitely a change in pace. Just 2 months ago, I was diving into helicopters. Now, I just dive into my book bag looking for my next textbook I have to read. Starbucks has been my second home for the past couple days now and it seems that it will be until the semester ends. I know that I am busy but I can't lose focus. It can be easy to be overwhelmed by life and all that it entails. However, we LET these things hinder our true focus: God. Jesus saved us, he saved me so I can focus on him and then be able to do what he has called me to with joy and hope. So here is a little reminder of what he did. Focus...I know its hard but focus...I am very forgetful so I am going to say again FOCUS!

“He spares not His Son, but sends Him in quest of the exiles. He comes into the land of banishment, lies in an exile’s cradle, becomes a banished man for them, lives a banished life, endures an exile’s shame, dies an exile’s death, is buried in an exile’s tomb. He takes our place of banishment that we may take His place of honor and glory in the home of His Father and our Father. Such is the exchange between the exile and the exile’s divine substitute. Though rich, for our sakes He becomes poor. Though at home, He comes into banishment, that we may not be expelled forever.”

—Horatius Bonar, “The Restoration of the Banished”

Sunday, February 28, 2010

date night

Mom and Dad are very instrumental in our date. They gave us season passes and are now able to enjoy each others company. We have not had a date like this for some time now and I promised Heather that I would set aside time for her to do this.

Then God had us enjoy the company of some we have not seen for a while. It was fun and was a blessing to spend some time with...
... Mike and RJ. Then Leon came from work and joined the fun. We were able to introduce RJ to one of the more enjoyable shows that featured the late Michael Jackson aka Captain EO.
We of course come to Disneyland with agendas...
...eat our favorite snack: corn dogs...

...meet new friends i.e. George. He reminded RJ and Heather of carpet...

and of course...ride the best ride in the park, Tower of Terror.

We had a great day. We were able to see God's goodness and grace to us by giving us friendships. It is amazing that even when friends that love God who have not been able to spend time together can immediately be able to catch up with each others lives & to be reminded that God places people in our lives for us good, for us to see God's glory. I was able to and I am blessed to have friends that love to serve God and point others to Christ.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

What might be to come...

If this is God's will, then this will be the site of our next 3-4 years. With our acceptance to this school, we are able to plan more concretely this next "dance" Heather and I will experience. This would entail leaving our home of southern California and trading it for a small, low key area; we would be away from what we are comfortable with, we would be farther away from friends and family...this would definitely stretch both of us and it will help us to rely more on each other for support. I know that it will be different and at times tough but praise God that he gave wrote 1 Corinthians 10:13. He will not give anything that is too hard for us to experience and better yet, he already provided a way of escape. So, what's really there to worry?

We are both looking forward to this part of our life. I am definitely blessed that I, Eleazar, will not have to go through this alone. Heather has been a blessing and she continues to show me God every moment I am with her. To God I am very thankful for her.

So back to Le Tourneau...

This is all over the campus...it speaks of their moto: Every workplace, Every nation. We like their focus of training porfessionals that will make an impact to their workplace in order for them to reach the nations. That is definitely the shift in my mind when it comes to missions: there are so many people around us, especially in big cities like Los Angeles, that are unreached people groups.
Le Tourneau's statue...and below, these are some of his inventions...
Then this will be one of the airplanes I will be able to eventually fly, quite exciting...

there is something else that I will be looking forward to ...it is local cuisines. I love hole-in-the-wall restaurants. And Heather can testify that Bodacious BBQ is awesome! Better yet, it is affordable and it is across the street from campus.

Overall, we are excited. We just have to visit one other school and once we hear their answer, we would be able to finalize the plans. Please pray that we trust Christ in this time. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

God's Answered Prayer

I know that this has been overdue. So many things has happened and I am blowing by so much memories & experiences; I have failed to look back and savor the blessings that God has given me and Heather. At times I feel that I am "bothering" people with my thoughts or updates but that is wrong! God wants me to be open and share what God has done in our lives...we are works of art of a great master painter...just like art, it is not to be left in the closet. This is what I feel I have been doing. Reflections, the time to analyze and learn of God's goodness in the different experience helps me, and will help us, to not be ignorant of God. My life is "busy" so I say, that I forget the one who has saved me, the one that has given me the joy and oppuortunity to live free. Jesus Christ saved me to show his glory. So...let my relearned think express itself today: God has given us another stepping stone for us to jump on...as you can see from the picture, I got accepted into Le Tourneau University in Longview, Texas. Thank you friends and family that have encouraged us with your words, actions, and prayers. You have been instruments of God's grace in our life to point us back to Jesus.


PS- look back to what God has done for you and share it with someone...it will humble you and help you to see God's goodness.