Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break...

Spring Break! I am once again reintroduced to this old familiar concept. It is nice that I do not have class for a week. I can't wait to play golf...

Heather and I were blessed with a guest.

Our guest comes from LA. She came down to work with Heather in the preparation of Francis's baby shower. I am very proud of them both for working so hard. I am very confident that the shower will let Francis know that she is loved.

We took her to breakfast at Laguna Beach's White House. This is what I got...eggs a la reynolds.

This is a Eggs Benedict offshoot. It is an english muffin topped with a 5 oz steak (instead of ham), then topped with a poached egg. The sauce is a cream sauce that had mushrooms and some type of reduction sauce, maybe with wine. It was very good.

As we were ready to leave, we were introduced to Iggy. He was a regular to this store. He had eggs with sausages.
He was enjoying his meal as we all did. After, we walked across the street and strolled down the beach.

I thought this was cool. I never realized that this was at the Laguna Beach. I might have to play here with Heather. The beach is quite relaxing.

We continued to have a great day in preparing for a game. We went to find the prizes and I believe that we were successful.

So we got lots of goodies for one of the games that I think is quite good for a baby shower. Today was a great 1st day of spring break. I praise God for having a loving wife and family and friends. God is good to provide them to me, even the beach, food, and ice cream...Thrifty's ice cream!

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