Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Focus, focus, focus...

I have been looking at this picture lately...It is definitely a change in pace. Just 2 months ago, I was diving into helicopters. Now, I just dive into my book bag looking for my next textbook I have to read. Starbucks has been my second home for the past couple days now and it seems that it will be until the semester ends. I know that I am busy but I can't lose focus. It can be easy to be overwhelmed by life and all that it entails. However, we LET these things hinder our true focus: God. Jesus saved us, he saved me so I can focus on him and then be able to do what he has called me to with joy and hope. So here is a little reminder of what he did. Focus...I know its hard but focus...I am very forgetful so I am going to say again FOCUS!

“He spares not His Son, but sends Him in quest of the exiles. He comes into the land of banishment, lies in an exile’s cradle, becomes a banished man for them, lives a banished life, endures an exile’s shame, dies an exile’s death, is buried in an exile’s tomb. He takes our place of banishment that we may take His place of honor and glory in the home of His Father and our Father. Such is the exchange between the exile and the exile’s divine substitute. Though rich, for our sakes He becomes poor. Though at home, He comes into banishment, that we may not be expelled forever.”

—Horatius Bonar, “The Restoration of the Banished”

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