Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Well it has been a long time...
First I gave up at this... so El took over... then he gave up...
So here I am again. It has been a long time since El finished Spring break. What have we done, lots!
1) El's out of the military has 2 1/2 years of inactive reserve duty left which is required of him after being enlisted. But they would only call him back before they initiated a draft so... hopefully that won't happen
2) I quit my job at Hoag after 3 1/2 years working on 5 west and I miss those peeps terribly
3) El and I went on our dream second honeymoon to Italy we had a blast it was beautiful but incredibly hot!!! (pics are on our new facebook account our name is Heather N El Nepomuceno)
4) Jair & Kim got married
5) We said good-bye to our friends and family and MOVED to Prescott, Arizona

We are still getting settled in. It was interesting moving all of our furniture into a three story townhouse in a mile high city as opposed our usual sea level living in Dana Point. We definitely are out of shape and not used to the altitude yet. My parents came and helped with the move in process they were kind enough to leave us with the family beagle Annie to hang out with us for a couple weeks. Were having fun exploring the town and going on little hikes.

El starts school this week on Thursday at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. His bachelor's degree will be in aeronautical science with a concentration in rotor-wing flight. We both are excited and I'm very proud of him. I see his heart in wanting to provide for our family financially, emotionally and most of all spiritually. We have tried two churches and are still praying about where to go. I am patiently :) waiting for my Arizona nursing license to be processed so I can work over here. In the meantime I'm enjoying embracing my creative side... HELLO I am left handed... So I've been sketching, and I have some canvas's, watercolors and acrylics that El bought as a surprise for me. I am putting the easel El made for me on the 3rd floor balcony with my hammock that I got on sale from World Market. It is very peaceful where we live and there is nothing behind us but nature and even some black-eyed susan's which I love to look at in the morning.

More to come later I'll post pictures after I figure out how to get them off my phone since our camera shutter broke in Florence.

We send love to all who read this

El & Heather Nepomuceno aka the Newest Prescottonians


Gen said...

ah we miss you guys and maybe one day we will visit your three story townhouse and find out how unfit we are as well =)

My name is Frances said...

YAY for a store lined with vintage finds! OOOH, we so have to go. I'm sure Alisa will like it, if not we'll just drag her along :)

My name is Frances said...

Awh thanks Heather, I wish you were around too! Thanks for the encouragement, I need it.