Monday, January 14, 2008

Our Day at the mayan ruins!

Pronounced Choo= non- nu- witch! So beautiful. The drive from where we were staying was about an hour away. Our tour van comes the side of the river and our guide Gabe says, "Okay get out." A little bewildered having no idea what to do we walk down and see this wooden raft with a cable attached to it coming toward us.

Just as we begin to noticed the one man standing on the raft working HARD to crank it toward us our guide drives our van down the hill on to this little raft. I'm thinking ... is that sturdy enough and then he yells hop on. :(

Adventuresome Ele, who later today will eat a live termite simply because the guide says it's good protein, hops right aboard and sticks his hand out like come on' honey jump. In the spirit of adventure I did and went right ahead without concern for safety drowning or things such as weight capacities since we are on this thing with a van and about 30 people. Again: One man hand cable crank... he must have some guns in those sleeves.

We get across the river pheew.... and get back in the van, drive a little way up the mountain and then begin to hike. Its absolutely beautiful and lush and green. I'm thinking I don't see any huge ruins, little beaten down used to be something here and there and then BAM! Turn the corner and there it is... now the climbing begins.

According to our guide Mayans were very short. i.e. like Ele's Lola and Armenia would be giants. These ruins have steep stairs to climb so that anyone who would ever climb them would have to go on hands an knees before the gods and the Shamans.

It's steep with no rails El says, "go on ahead honey I want to get a good picture of you up there." :0 aaaahhhhhh uh gee thanks for the nomination of going first sweetheart. I climb. He snaps a few pics and then joins me.
We made it all the way to the top. Wahoo! Its so beautiful from up there you can see the other ruins in the distance. According to our guide this was the central communication tower where they would take shiny rocks or gold and face them into the sun to create a glare and send light messages to the other Mayan temples.

And then now to get down....


Frances Tibayan said...

Wow, what an adventure! Ele and Heather, you two are more Hispanic then me :) It looked incredibly fun.--I'm jealous. Thanks for updating and giving us a glimpse of your honeymoon.

Love you two, have fun and enjoy each other and study each other.


Gen said...

wow you guys are adventurous...but it does look beautiful and fun. I'm so hhappy for you guys...can't wait to read more about your honeymoon...and can't wait to visit you guys.

Michael said...

Wow, that is EPIC!

The DVD buying has begun. it may take me a little while to gather all that I want to give you two, but it will be good.

Cuz said...

miss you guys..want to hear more. hope to see you real soon! miss you, Cuz and Mrs. Cuz. =(

Kuya Toots said...

it was nice seeing you guy again... we'll keep you guys in our prayers... God Bless Kuya Toots

Frances Tibayan said...

Thank you so much for your love! As far as we can tell I think we are okay. I just need to get Elijah some rain boots or snow boots, but that is something we can get it's just that i went to Target and didn't find them. Thank you again for your prayers and concern. We are so excited for you guys and your new life together. We talk about you guys over here, we miss you! Josh Gadd says hi and he wants to get in touch with y'all. Tell Ele we are excited for his schooling, I'm sure God will use it to grow him and you. Love you muncho and praying for you guys.
-ft (haha I just have a habit of doing this)

P.S. Not sure if you and Ele know (since we really had no contact for awhile) we are having a girl. Her name will be Key Hava Tibayan!

Frances Tibayan said...

I emailed Heather but not sure if you have a new email address...can you please let me know what it is. Thanks!