Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Remembering a Great Day

El and I went to Sprinkles after stopping by my work to take care of some business. It happens to be right down the street :( so dangerous and tempting.... what's your favorite? Unlike most people I ask my favorite is not Red Velvet. Don't hate me it's good but it's no strawberry, which is my favorite. 
Afterward El and I took our stale bread to the park and brought Annie with us. She enjoyed the smells as most beagles do. I enjoyed the peaceful time feeding the ducks. El enjoyed taking some pictures and here is one of them. I did the editing with my Christmas present from El and Santa Mac.

6 comments: means girl said...

Heather! I miss you! Can we hang out some time???

Rubyellen said...

i know you miss ele, we miss him too! we are praying for you. come over and play again!!!

Gen said...

hey heather, i'm glad you are updating more often. I miss hanging out with you. OH i got your voicemail and I will be at the party this saturday. hopefully we are able to talk and catch up. praying for you guys.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a wonderful memory. I've never had red velvet cake before... I can't even guess at what it tastes like. I think I'd be with you on the strawberry! Lovely photo :o) Hang in there.

Gen said...

ya ya...just give me a call or text me the day before and i should be able to go unless i have something to do...which is unlikely. I know Aimee goes on tuesday around 12pm.

Sarah said...


this is Sarah Aguilar, now, Sarah Schuler. I hope you remember me...from APU's nursing program. We lost touch and I'm so sad about it. I will be praying for El's safe return. I wanted to invite you guys to the wedding but had no way of getting back into contact. Last I remember, you were engaged!!! When did you guys get married and how long ago?
Well, if you like you can email me @