Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It was a day for laughing and for crying...


Today I heard news of a good friend from work that made tears swell up in my eyes. The news was of a co-worker Shannon who recently left on maternity leave to deliver she and her husband's first born, a son they would name Andrew. I remember she liked the name because people could call him Drew or Andy or Andrew (I vividly remember this conversation all of two weeks ago). Well, she was a week overdue so they decided to induce. Bring on the Pitocin... right Ruby... the delivery process was going smoothly until she got to the point where she was trying to push the babies head out he turned and his head became stuck. They tried vaccumm extraction and then moved on to metal forceps. When the forceps alone did not work they tried forceps with nurses physically on top of her pushing on her abdomen tring to get the baby out.
Three deep cuts to Shannon and three hematomas with blood coming out of Andrews head later the baby was delivered. 8lbs 3oz 21 3/4" long. The baby coded on delivery was taken immediately to the NICU. Intubated and on a respirator. The prognosis was poor but the next 24 hrs would be critical.
Currently the baby is doing much better. He's extubated now. Breathing on his own (lungs are the last system to develop in utero). Peeing which means his kidneys are functioning. The baby is even drinking from a bottle. However the baby is showing signs of brain damage on the EEG. The plan is to wait and see if when the hematomas and the swelling go down if the intracranial pressure resolves. Lord willing at that point brain wave activity will stabilize and Andrew will be okay. Shannon has asked for everyone to be in prayer for her baby so I thought I would share the new with her family members in Christ who read this blog.
The whole situation made me think and be thankful for all of my friends who are new mothers and for the gift of life to their children. Praise God from whom these little blessings flow. I stopped where I was in the middle of the chaos of the nursing station and prayed for Sabrina Hannah Barrett today. Life is a precious gift granted only by God's grace.

I don't think anyone would call Ele's and my relationship the normal way to go about things. Fall in love, get engaged, plan a wedding, word of deployment, postpone wedding, get deployed, replan wedding, await arrival home with much anticipation. I have to just laugh sometimes. We're doing everything with such inginuity. I love that my husband-to-be wants to be as helpful as possible even from Iraq after long 12 hour days at least five or six days a week. I am thankful that God has grown us closer together through this time in our relationship. It would be easy to grow apart through this time of separation but were learning to lean upon one another more than ever before.
Our current project is our wedding registry. I went this past Saturday with mom to register and then e-mailed Ele a list of honeydoos to look at on things I was unsure of and wanted his opinion on. Things as simple as a shower curtain. It would be nice to have his opinion. I don't want to pick out anything too feminine, my man is a manly man, but I want it to have style. Knives, I know nothing about them but Ele who loves to cook is so particular about them. A knife set was definately on Ele's honeydo list.
My birthday was a week ago my sweetman tried for two hours after to work to call but the phone lines were down. I received an e-card the next day explaining the situation and few e-hugs and e-kisses to go with it. Heard from him a few days later when he had access to a phone. I cherish our phone calls. One week and two days later after being lost in the mail my birthday present arrived. An outfit picked out by my sweetie from White House/Black Market a dress complete with earings and a clutch. I'll have to post pictures. I never knew an outfit, a package, a phone call or even an e-mail could mean so much. I praise God for this trial.


frances tibayan said...

Please keep me posted on your friends and her baby's condition, I can't imagine the physical pain and emotional pain. I will pray for her and her family.

On a "laughing note" awh that is too sweet. A whole outfit, didn't you say that he had good taste and would dress you better than you, hahaha that is sooo cute! Registry stuff is fun but exhausting, choose wisely and be picky with what you want your theme to be...i made the mistake of just registering anything cute :)

Gen said...

We will definitely pray for your friend and her new baby! And thanks so much for praying for Sabrina, I get anxious and worry about situations like what you explained happening during my labor. That's when I cling to the cross and trust in Him!!

And praise God for how He has been sustaining your lovely love story. It encourages me to see how the Lord is working in your life and in Ele's life even when you guys are so far away from each other. I love you both and I can't wait for your day to finally come. Love you girl...and your man is so cute with sending you a gift...i want to see pictures!

rubyellen said...

Oh man...I remember you telling me about your friend going on maternity leave. I can't imagine what that family is going through right now. Labor is scary and painful, but to have such a traumatizing one, yikes!!! God won't give them anything they can't handle and I will pray that this points them to Him. Praise God for all children because they are all a blessing.

Ele is too cute!!! Haha...man white house black market, he has good taste!!! I wanna see the gift...post pictures!!!

Oh boy, and our house stuff is crazy...We aren't sure about the big house cause we arent crazy about it...we may hold off on any house...pray for us!!!

selle said...

oh he is soo sweet! what an awesome soon-to-be hubby!

hows the baby doing? i'll say a prayer right now.

Yes...it means girl said...

A prayer was sent out to the Lord for your friend and her baby. Please keep us posted of God's goodness and perfect plan in this situation.

I definitely want to see pictures! I remember the other outfit Cuz picked out for you...he has good taste, that's for sure!

Oh..and to Cuz in response to your comment: I will be at your wedding (Lord willing). If it were solely up to me, I wouldn't miss it for the world. Plus, I don't think I would go anywhere anytime soon. I still have responsibilites here to take care of...for now. I'm just waiting on the Lord. I have NO CLUE where He wants me; I'm kindda up in the air with a lot right now. But...I know that God will open doors where He wants me to go through...and in His perfect timing. As for intercity or other-country..that's for God to decide. I'll go whereever He wants me.

Thanks for praying, you two. Love you guys!!!

Spoken For said...

Dang. That's crazy. I would help you pick out his style but I am not around either. I got all excited to help you then I realized where I was. I know that foo. Oh he reads this too huh? I know you foo!